The world of IT Support is changing and now is the opportunity for you to come along for the ride. Many IT health checks, or assessments focus on which technologies your business currently has in place and whether or not they are working. Five to ten years ago this may have been appropriate, yet today businesses are only changing their IT provider if service is poor or if it is end of contract.

Even then, most businesses are not looking at how the changing face of technology is permeating into the world of IT support.  Take your car as an example.  Five years ago, you had a fixed service interval and if it broke between these times you had it fixed (break/fix). A couple of years ago your car was able to change the service interval based on usage data and statistics (this could be compared to pro-active maintenance). Today you get into your car and it talks to you!

Nimoveri’s IT strategy assessment will review where your business is today but will also delve into different charging models, the use of AI in the world of IT support and allow your business to think about how developing IT and/or cloud services could help support your business in the coming 12 – 36 months and beyond.

“Technology driven threats to your business are greater today than they have ever been but equally the opportunities IT can provide your business are greater. 

Mid-market businesses need to embrace the right IT strategy for the business and this decision has to come from board level down.  Nimoveri’s Strategy Review will help you incorporate that value adding approach into your corporate strategy.”

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