Managed Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Services

Data Backups and Disaster Recovery

With the risks of data breeches and network outages an ever-growing fear among today’s business owners; disaster recovery planning and data backups are becoming an increasingly more essential part of any business’ IT strategy.

Data backup is a form of disaster recovery that duplicates the data your company possess to prepare in case of the unfortunate event that your data is corrupted, infected or no longer accessible. Disaster recovery is the exercise of ensuring your company is still able to maintain it’s critical functions before, during or after such a disaster befalls it, this is done through detailed and extensive planning.

The purpose of data backups is to retain a copy of any essential information that your company holds, meaning in the event that disaster strikes, we are able to swiftly provide you with any missing data or deleted files you may need.


Our Services

At , Nimoveri we believe there are ten steps that play a part in defining a disaster recovery plan. These ten steps allow us to create a successful disaster recovery process that clearly identifies what to do in the event a disaster strikes. We don’t skip any steps, we follow this multi-stage approach to creating a plan that quickly documents the ten points allowing us to quickly and efficiently solve any issue that your business may encounter.

Our comprehensive data backup and recovery service provides you with complete peace of mind that your data is in safe and responsible hands at all times.

The Nimoveri Backup and Disaster Recovery plan package includes:

  • Fully monitored backup solution
  • Offsite storage of backup data in UK data centre
  • Annual certificated recovery test
  • Backup of Office 365 email and OneDrive
  • Archiving of data for long term backups
  • Rapid server recovery to minimise downtime in the event of server failure or disaster.

If you would like more information on Nimoveri’s data backup and recovery services then why not get in touch with one of our Farnham based IT experts today for a no obligation chat, or alternatively, fill out our quick and easy contact form.

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