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Research has shown the majority of people struggle solving issues that arise with technology. Time spent attempting to resolve such issues is often un-productive time. Our team of experienced technicians effectively become your IT helpdesk.  Rather than investing in headcount that may not be fully utilised or lacks the broad experience that is so crucial to IT today, our team is available 8am to 6pm five days a week to handle your every IT need (extended hours support is also available). With a 15-minute response objective, your users will hear back from our team quickly.  We will assign a priority to the request and work to complete it as quickly as we can.  Assigning a priority allows us to focus on P1 IT maintenance issues which are often business impacting. Proactive IT support is based on prevention. Using a car repair example, instead of waiting for a car to break down, you bring it in for regular service, get the brakes and oil checked. That way, you are at far lower risk for breakdowns. With proactive IT support, our IT support team performs regular maintenance and constant monitoring. IT security vulnerabilities, and potential server crashes can be prevented before they occur. If you would like to discuss the ways in which Nimoveri could benefit your business then feel free to get in touch with a member of the team for a free, no obligation chat.

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