The Monday MSP – Week 2

Week 2 of the Monday Morning MSP and for any of you doubters out there, this will continue to be a weekly blog!

This week’s topic came to me following some interesting discussions with a customer this week.  What I love about this job and the technology market is that I get to see so many different viewpoints and approaches to business.  All of those who know me will know that I am reasonably opinionated about how things should be done, and employee mobility and empowerment is one such topic.  I evangelise the idea of anytime, anywhere, anyhow and Microsoft’s Office365 suite very much allows you to do this.  Indeed, it is promoted strongly as providing the enablement tool to increase employee productivity.

Working with a customer over the last couple of weeks it has, however, become clear that not every organisation wants to give their employees the freedom to access corporate email outside of the office.  If you work in an industry where customers can swap suppliers at the drop of a hat the danger of employees taking corporate knowledge with them to another organisation is high.  A benefit of Office365 is its flexibility.  I suspect most users see it as an email tool with access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc but under the covers, it has some fantastic security functionality. 

For the customer in question, we have deployed conditional access management to enhance the security around their corporate email.  What does this mean?  It means that we can control the locations from which an employee can access their email.  In the simplest form, we can restrict the user to accessing email in the office only, but you could, for example, set the policy to home only and office only thus email is not accessible in a public place such as a coffee shop.  There are many different use cases for the setup, but this setup highlights the role of the MSP when working with the mid-market.  I strongly suspect most business owners or leaders are not aware of this functionality, have probably not built the accessibility of email into their own security processes and even if they had are not in a position to be able to set up some relatively complex networking concepts within Office365 to manage access.

This is where the role of your IT service provider comes in.  At Nimoveri we bring together best of breed cloud & IT services and work with our customers to identify where technology can support and improve new or existing business processes.  Whether security related or simply user and process related, we apply technology solutions that give you the peace of mind to focus on running the business rather than running IT.  A starting point of this for many of our customers is Nimoveri’s IT Assessment that delivers a RAG report identifying potential improvement opportunities and security deficits.

This week at Nimoveri finished in a rather disappointing loss for our U9 cricket team against Cove and provided great insight into how not having the right mindset can impact your performance.  Now granted the guys are only 8 and 9 years old but as a team we assumed we would win following our tournament winning performance last week and this definitely impacted our performance on Sunday.  It reminded me of an article I read last year titled Be the GOAT:  Adopt these 6 Character Traits.  A great article that in reality applied to any person of any age will help you become a high achiever. 

I know we were going to talk about homeworking this week and arguably the above is a little about homeworking.  I promise more on the subject next week and a discussion around how Windows 10 is changing the way updates are released and the new naming convention.