The Monday MSP – Week 1

Welcome to the first of my new weekly blog series where I will share with you what I believe are important topics for the mid-market and what we have been up to at Nimoveri.

I wrote last week about the importance of password policy and thought it worth highlighting this again.  As reported in the NCSC’s report on passwords in general 123456 continues to be the most commonly used password and as you can imagine one of the weakest.  Make sure you read my blog and check whether you’ve been compromised by entering your email address at and then ensure you have a strong password by using a password generating tool or thinking up a suitable phrase that no-one else will know.

At Nimoveri we dealt with a number of password update requests and changes following the publication of the article and it is good to see our cloud and IT customers starting to take on board the importance of protecting the assets of their business.  Weak passwords are the equivalent of leaving the front door of your house unlocked and hoping a burglar doesn’t knock on your door to see if you are in before trying the lock and emptying your house.

It felt like it should have been a short week last week or at least a quieter week with the bank holiday just gone but we will dealt with 171 tickets for our customers working through simple IT support requests to more complex network issues. Outside of the office, Nimoveri was recognised as a key sponsor for the local cricket team and our logo positioned in a prime position on the hoardings at Rowledge Cricket Club.

Sponsors of Rowledge Cricket Club

The sponsorship must have had a positive effect as the Boys U9 team won the Cove T6 bash on Monday and the Girls U11 came 2nd and 3rd in the girl’s competition at the same tournament.

Next week’s blog will start to look at the issues of homeworking, how we manage it as a small business and whether we should allow it or not.